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My New Glasses Saga

So I got those new glasses that I posted a picture of like a week ago. They’ve been…interesting.

My original issue was that they were too loose. I was trying to play soccer with them on, which really was a mistake because they’re not meant to be worn while moving a ton.

So I got them adjusted…

The eye doctor tightened them, then proceeded to loosen them immediately after. I barely noticed, and I took them home and said thanks…

Went to get them adjusted again yesterday. Different worker, so I was hopeful. I told him maybe they needed to be bent on the part that sits on your ears so they wouldn’t fall off. He bends them a tiny bit, and hands them back. I notice that they don’t fall off, and leave on my merry way…

That night, I lay them down on a surface. If you don’t know, the two corners of your glasses, when placed on a flat surface, are supposed to touch at the same height. One was a fingernail’s length off the ground! They were misaligned, which meant they leaned very hard on one side of my nose. Very very very annoying…

Ditched that place, got them adjusted at different place. Tightened, aligned, whole shebang. I thought I’d take my time and MAKE SURE so I’d never have to fucking do this again…

They are still leaning on one side. Just eyeballing it, I think nobody ever unbent one side, so one side is practically straight where it hits the ear, and the other is very bent. So they touch flat surfaces fine, but they don’t sit on my face correctly at all.

It’s fucking miserable. I never ever want to get my glasses adjusted forever. I love the new ones, and they look good! And they were honestly fine to start, but I fucking messed up. I hate myself for making my mom drive me to the eye doctor EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I realllly hate that I never fucking notice the problems in the store! It’s the worst. I just think I’m going to keep them around for reading and stuff, but start wearing contacts daily. That was the original plan anyways. And if I pass by an eye doc, maaaaybe I’ll try to get them fixed again. I dunno.

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hey there fellow lovelies~

when i started this blog, i didn’t expect to get even 100 followers and look where we are now. you guys push me to continuously create and i want to thank you.

so here’s the deal- remember that mycaruba poster? i did a very limited printing of it. one copy is going to the grumps, and those other two are going to you!

there will be two winners, and each one gets:

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want a chance to win? yeah you do. here’s the rules:

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  • at the end of the giveaway i will contact the winners directly. if they do not respond within 3 days, i will pick another winner
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don’t worry about shipping, this is my gift to you! thank you and good luck~ 💗